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The Story


My name is Jasmine Casupanan. I grew up in the Inland Empire and received my Master's of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) from Dongguk University in Los Angeles. I started Cucamonga Acupuncture & Wellness with the intention of providing a world class healing environment to the vibrant, growing communities of the I.E. In a world fraught with the yang of overwork, trauma, and pain, our clinic holds a space of relief, recovery, and regeneration using traditional Eastern methods coupled with advanced Western medical technologies.

The Mission

My mission is to provide my patients with effective, time-tested solutions for their pain as well as instill confidence in them as they go forward in their recovery. Whatever your condition or health concerns are, I offer the human element of compassion and, armed with the most innovative resources available, together we will address them and overcome.


The Vision

My vision is to evolve the current mainstream healthcare model into one which embraces holistic methods and emphasizes the importance of healthy communities. I believe that when we begin to take the responsibility of healing ourselves, we also heal those around us. If you would like to begin that process, please call or fill out the contact form for an initial consultation.

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